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In the eyes

In your eyes...
Their is something you hide.
Yet I find myself searching
But when I come close to seeing.
I turn my gaze away.
Afraid maybe....
Trusting always,
Love is beautiful,
Love opens doors to the heart of secrets.
Letting that person in...
Letting the person know the you within.
Searching your eyes again.
But this time no turning away.
Love is trust.
I trust you to keep me always in your eyes.
For what I find is love..
That always binds.
Within your eyes love abides.
Hold me right in your sight.
For now I can look you in the eye.
And let you see me.
For you now stay in my eyes.
In the eyes lies.
In the eyes truth stays.
In the eyes.
Dancing around...
With joy found...
The music in my head loud...
Joyful noises sound...
Happiness surrounds...
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