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Quote: (Originally Posted by Ana4Stapp) I really don't understand why you are here! Stop to bashing CREED and specially SCOTT STAPP. If you don't like Creed and prefer AB, okay, but there's a lot of people here that love Creed. No one here is bashing Alter Bridge, so stop to bashing Creed/Stapp. This is a comunity of CREED fans. Don't you know this? Creed 's 4EVER!!!
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Calm down. I liked Creed. I still like Creed. I was most certainly not bashing Creed. I think Creed put out a great album (MOP), and also put out some good songs on their other albums. I wasn't saying Creed sucked or anything like that, just that now we have Alter Bridge who is even better than Creed. That isn't bashing Creed. I know Creed was most people's (on this site, I mean) favorite band, I just don't see why we can't enjoy what came out of it and move on.

I mean, for all intensive purposes, Creed breaking up seems like a GREAT thing for Creed fans. I mean, now you get two for the price of one. Alter Bridge rocks, and if you liked Stapp, I guess you will probably like what he comes out with, hence you get twice as many songs. Plus, Creed was collapsing under their own weight and would have probably come out with a sub-par album anyway had they continued.

And I have not bashed Stapp. I would tell anyone who asks that I don't like him, but I have never gone onto any Creed or Stapp message board just to bash him. Saying you don't like someone is entirely different from bashing him. If I were to say "I don't like Green Day", that would be different than saying "Green Day are the suckzors, they make crappy music, everything sounds the same, they are such posers". In the same way, I have said I don't like Stapp but I have never bashed him on a board full of Stapp fans. In fact I have said I think he has a good voice and, some of the time, good lyrics.

You may not understand this, but while this is a Creed message board, it is also a MESSAGE BOARD. Someone says they miss Creed and I say why, we now have another great (better, IMO) band. Plus, Stapp fans even get him as well. There is not a problem with that. What I have said is in no way rude and is not out of line. If I have a differing opinion and I state it respectfully, for you to claim that I am being ridiculous is even worse.

I like Creed, so I come to a Creed board. Just because I don't WORSHIP them doesn't mean I can't come here. There were a lot of things about Creed that (*GASP*) were not perfect. In fact, there were quite a few things. There is no problem with mentioning those things. No band is perfect and to claim they are is ridiculous. Creed definitely was not perfect and just because this is a Creed board doesn't mean it is taboo to possibly acknowledge that.

I would have abslutely no problem if someone mentioned AB's flaws on an AB message board as logn as they weren't horribly rude. And if they even LIKED AB than I DEFINITELY wouldn't have any problem. If they want to say that Alter Bridge needs to stop being so predictable (verse/chorus/verse/chorus/interlude/solo/chorus), that is perfectly fine. If they want to say that some of the songs sound alike, fine by me. It's their opinion, and if they state it without being rude, then so be it. Heck, it might even (amazingly) stimulate an interesting conversation.

But all of this is MEANLINGLESS because I never even bashed CREED! I merely said let them rest in relative peace, as we now have a better band. There is nothing wrong with that. Bands come to an end. We got luckier than most and got a great band and possibly Stapp's "solo career" if he ever decides to get to work.

I really don't see what your problem is.
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