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Quote: (Originally Posted by titan9) Yeah, bands break up. Nobody is denying that. All we've said is that there are some(both fans who like Alter Bridge and those who do not) that miss Creed. I love the music that Alter Bridge has given us, and I'm sure I'll love the music that Stapp gives us. But does that mean that I don't miss Creed? No. I miss them, because they were an awesome band. People have a right to miss Creed. You can call that "hanging on the past" or "pondering it" but people still have a right to say they miss Creed. Do I dwell on Creed's break up? No. It's happened. But I still miss the music, and it's sad to think we're never going to get new music from those four guys, united as a band, again. We'll still get awesome music from Alter Bridge, we'll still get awesome music from Stapp(hopefully) but there are those who, no matter what the outcome, will miss Creed. It's only natural to miss your favorite band if they've broken up.

Too each his own then, i was mistaken to say move on. But IMO generally the best way to deal with a break up is to not dwell on it. But to find other music that can fill that void. I did, and i am happy i did.
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