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In interviews conducted since the dissolution of Creed, Stapp has said a Creed reunion is not out of the realm of possibility.

But Marshall is unambiguous on that score.

ďNo,Ē he says. ďI think heís off his rocker. There isnít a day in hell Iíd be on the same stage with him again.

ďItís not worth all the frickiní money in the world.Ē

A Creed reunion simply will not happen for those still waiting and I couldn't have said a few months ago but I don't care.
She never told a lie,
Well, might of told a lie.
But never lived one.
Didnít have a life.
Didnít have a life.
But surely saved one.
Alright, now itís time for us to let you go.

Wings for Marie
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