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Quote: (Originally Posted by Wylde-Tremonti) ??????????? English is NOT your 1st language is it?
Nej det är det inte [No it isn't]
I'm a sweed, so... yeah! But come on! " it just me, or is his tone in that video TITS? " What is TITS then!... I sounded like a porn. And
"The singer is also in Requiem of a Dream." REQUIEM of a Dream... what the fuck is Requiem then!... cous it sounds lika a porn to me... with the dream thing and all that... Now I knoe he isn't in that movie, but still... Never heared of it, mught be becous I live in Sweden
I kissed their feet in London in september
Does anyone know if Myles like my "jungel vrål" candy? Gave it to them when they were in London last time... PM me and tell me
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