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Yup. I hear they're working on a Worship album right now. They haven't said when it'll be released, but I'm assuming it'll be sometime this year. Oughta be good stuff.

I actually didn't warm up to Kutless at first. I heard Pride Away and a few other songs from their first album. I thought it was decent, but didn't really care enough to check out the rest of the album. So then Sea of Faces came out and I heard how awesome it was. I gave the CD a chance after hearing a few of the songs. Then I ended up buying the album. And soon after that, I bought the first CD as well. I'm a big Kutless fan now. They're coming to Michigan in March, unfortunately, though, they're coming to the western part(Grand Rapids to be exact) of Michigan, around 3 hours away from me. If only they came to say Detroit(or, hey, maybe they could come to my local Church?) then I could see'em in concert.

Oh yeah, there's an awesome Kutless fan They've got a Kutless message board and quite a bit of pics from Kutless concerts. And eventually they'll have some media, too. It's a pretty good site, so I figured I might as well plug'em.
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