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Some good Christian rock bands to check out!!!

These bands are really good (you may have or haven't heard of) and I've run across all of them very recently. These are classic to grunge sounding rock bands that have lyrics of inspiration and musically excel at leagues beyond some of today's other non-Christian rock bands that are hitting the airwaves. Check it out and feel free to add your personal favorites to the list. - Ben

Today I picked up an album self-titled Day Of Fire. Their lead singer used to be in a band, Full Devil Jacket, that toured with Creed, Nickelback, etc. until a near-fatal heroine overdose brought him to the realization of Christ missing from his life. Now he's back with a new Christian band to spread his testimony, catch them at

Another band is named Jonah33 and they are found at (ironically enough) Check out the range of sounds these guys have from rocking it out to some very beautiful ballads. "Faith Like That" is a wonderfully orcheastrated song with great lyrics!

Seventh Day Slumber is yet another band that has been around, but hasn't received it's well deserved name under a label until recently. Check out a stream of all their songs off their newest album at
"So Save Me
Well I don't know...Know myself
And I've been on this side alone
What's beyond it?"
- "Save Me" (Alter Bridge)

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