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What a sweet, and touching story! I thank god for watching out for those dogs/puppies. I too have a rescued dog! He was found running free at a farm, but the owners neglected to feed him most of the time, or provide a warm shelter. He was only about 12 weeks old when we adopted him as ours. He is part Lab, and part terrior. He had this huge head, and tiny bone bulging body. We put him on special food, and vitamins, along with alot of vet care, and shots. He had a problem with his joints though. Sometimes when he would run, or even walk, his hind end would give out and he would fall. We thought we might have to have surgery on his legs to TRY and help him, and if that didn't work, then he would have to be put down. First we tried some other medications, vitamins, therapy, and prayers. I must say he is doing well, and running around like crazy, thus fits his name of: SPUNKY!! He is now 10 YEARS OLD!! He is the best dog!!!!!!
I have also rescued a Cat in December 2003! I found her almost frozen to death on the side of the road. She was only 5 months old. $1,500 later, she is a sweet cat that my 12 year old daughter has adopted, and named Oreo, (she is black and white).
It just FEELS GOOD to be able to HELP out these awesome creatures, and has PROVIDED OUR FAMILY with YEARS OF LOVE, and JOY!!
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