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Annie's Story

I met Annie at a Christmas party, as I entered the party, she came thru the crowd to greet me. She looked unusual, and I wondered where she had come from. She was very thin, bones sticking out at odd angles, and a dullness to the exterior, but with such a brightness of spirit, she almost shined. Her belly hung low, in sharp contrast with her frame, and I knew she was pregnant.

Annie is a dog.

She was rescued from a ditch, where she lay keeping watch over her companion, who had been struck a car. It was not even known that she was there, until a couple of kind souls saw the choc. lab that she was with, and stopped to help. As they attempted to rescue the stricken dog, Annie raised her head from the weeds, and a much bigger rescue mission was set into motion.

The male choc. lab was taken into an emergency vet, where staff fell in love with him, and out of great kindness of heart, repaired his badly damaged body, and took him to their home.

Annie was brought into a loving home, where they fed and cared for her, trying to fatten her up to insure the health of her unborn puppies. I met Annie when she had been at this loving home for 1 week. She was able to hold out for 3 weeks, before giving birth to 12 beautiful puppies. A rainbow litter of labradors, black, choc. and yellow.

Wonderful homes are being found for all of the puppies, and Annie will remain in their loving home forever. In this rescue, 14 dogs were saved.

There is kindness in the spirits of people all over the world, but sometimes we forget to tell the little stories, that mean so much.

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