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This song always comes up for discussion . Maynard had a few things to say about it on the aMOTION DVD, and it's pretty much what hide said, basically questioning extreme fundamentalism supposedly twisting what God really is and does.

That opening line is so cutting to me, as is the whole song. I think a lot of people can relate to it. It makes me think of my upbringing, religion wise and it was very strict and many things happened that made me question it all. I think that's what Maynard is talking about, blind faith...his not understanding how his mother could rely so heavily on her faith while she was being ripped up and down by her supposed Christian friends and dying of a horrible disease. I don't think when he screams that sentence that everyone finds so offensive: F*ck your god, that he's necessarily talking about THE god, but whatever god you serve, be it money, drugs, power.
If it is God in the Christian sense, I think the song sort points out his frustration with reconciling what is supposed to be a loving God with one that is so judgmental and seems so cruel.

The line: It's not like you killed someone, it's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side" makes me think about the God in the Christian sense.

I think he might be saying that the subject hasn't done anything bad enough that would warrant a God punishing her with her suffering.
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