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song lyics discussion thread

perhaps this should be in the music matters section but i was a little unsure. anyway believe it or not a serious thread started by aussiecreeder lol. i don't mind if there are multiple songs being discussed here and move on whenever you feel like it. a song's lyrics i want to discuss is a perfect circle's "judith". now this song normally will offend or at least make christians wince (myself included) although i do know what its about. for those that don't know the song is about maynard's mother dying of cancer and in his opinion the "parasites" who were fundamentalist christians that were around her during her last days.

the opening lines of the song go "you're such an inspiration for the ways that i will never, ever choose to be". what grabbed me was never, ever choose to be. this raises some questions that could be discussed forever. you could go into christian doctrines like pre-destination if you want but even at a much simpler level it has meaning. do people involved in religion have a choice? is it part of their make up? do people growing up in such a household ever develop their own faith? discuss.......
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