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I call my lol. Right now, I'm wearing what they call "casual boots." That's what I wear most of the time. I've got a brown pair of Dr. Marten's, and a black pair of Sketchers boots. I wear them, depending on my outfit. Like, right now, I'm wearing khakis, and an American Eagle sweater, so, naturally, I'm wearing my brown boots. However, if I was wearing a pair of jeans, a black T-shirt, (or an A-shirt, AKA, your common "wife-beater"), I'd have the black boots on. It's all style.

As for the whole coke debate, like fluttergirl said, it's all coke in Texas.

P.S. - What part of Texas are you from? I live in Vernon, which is about 45 min. west of Wichita Falls.

Also, for those who are interested...distance, in Texas, is not measured in miles or kilometers. No, it's measured in...TIME. As in, "I live about 10 MINUTES north of town." Can you believe that?!
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