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Those pixs of myself are from a while ago....I am sorry for the quality but at the time i took those i didnt have a digital camara and i scaned them and are not very good.
The first one is at the end of my very first Papa Roach gig in 2001. I was any more.
The second pix is a year later as well in a very emotived moment a day after a Papa Roach gig in Germany......GOOD MEMORIES

I have to take pixs of myself but i dont feel very optimistic cos of my health problems guys you need to wait a couple of months...i am going to start the gym again...but i am going to keep my dark hair color....
Papa Roach's Tobin Esperance: "If you're gonna wear makeup, it's not about looking pretty. It's gotta look like you've been up all night doing drugs."
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