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1.Why does Iceland have a mild climate while Greenland is covered with ice and makes Alaska look like Florida?
A- when danish settelers came to greenland and found it was a frozen world, they knew noone would want to come to it so they gave it a nice green name, tricking settelers into thinking it was green and warm, the people who founded iceland were just honest in their naming,

2.Did Adam and Eve have navals?

3.Why does Adam cop all the blame for the first sin? Wasen't his wife who did it first? Is it all part of a feminist conspiracy to get rid of men forever?
No he took the apple, eve was buisy cleaning the dishes

4.If Adam went fishing instead of talking to his wife would the world be a better place?

5.Why do women go to the toilet in pairs?
Because they are insane

6.Why do they go shopping and not buy anything?
- Referr to answer #5

7.Why won't Lindsay Lohan return my calls, emails or agree to go on that date?
Because shes going out with me
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