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Quote: (Originally Posted by Torn Daredevil) Eh, OK, but I'm not too fond of certain parts of it. Why is he telling me it's uncool to be a Creed fan??? It's a rather superficial view-point.
Because in the media world it apparently was uncool to be a Creed fan. That's the crap they spewed forth all the time while Creed was big. They ripped the band and its fans on a regular basis. No surprise there.

Quote: And the crowd at AB concerts is not "a true metal crowd," and I'm grateful for that.
Hmmm, I would consider myself a metal head, so I don't see a problem with that statement. If that's who showed up, great! Actually, the crowds I saw at the shows I attended were pretty diverse. There were so-called metal heads right up to soccer moms. I thought that was pretty cool.

Quote: I hate that "If they don't like it, fuck 'em" attitude...
Why? I say right on to that. Who gives a crap what other people think? If you like a band, you like a band, end of story. So yeah, fuck 'em .
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