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Mark Quote On End Of Creed

This was from the latest issue of Billboard Magazine. Enjoy.

Mark Tremonti, a presenter with his band Alter Bridge, is proud of his Creed past but is ready to leave it in the rear-view mirror. He said he was even opposed to Wind-up's Nov. 23 release of the band's greatest hits.
"To tell you the truth, I didn't want that to come out," Tremonti said. "I did everything I could to say 'I want everybody concentrating on Alter Bridge,' but it went out anyway...Creed, to me, is done. There's nothing else I'm going to work for. I'm not going to spend another minute on Creed. I never will again. Alter Bridge will be everything I work for, and I'm dead set on doing it, even though we've been fighting to get our name out there. I'm never going to stop. Creed is the past."
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