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Quote: (Originally Posted by titan9) Damn, I'm so sick of all this Stapp bashing. Seriously, like I've said, I'm an equal fan of Stapp and Alter Bridge. But I'm tired of this. AB has already released an album. Stapp has not. You can't compare what the two are doing right now until Stapp releases his solo album. Even then, I'm not sure the comparison is fair.

As for butchering God Bless America, everyone has their opinion of it. I didn't think it was terrible, but it wasn't amazing either.
The Fact that Stapp Doesn't Have an Album out says TONS... It Says Either:
1) He's Taking his Sweet Time
2) He's Stalling
3) He's Lost it
4) It's So Amazing That It will take as long as a new GNR Record to make...

My bet's On 1-3
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