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Quote: (Originally Posted by Dogstar) Hey, thanks for the article, Michael. Also, there is an Alter Bridge Q&A in the February issue of Revolver Magazine, and the guys talk about branching out music-wise, a lot of the same stuff we've been reading, but there is also a funny part, tongue-in-cheek it seems, about Brian Marshall supposedly kicking Scott S.'s ass. Now, before all the Stapp backers get on my case, it seems pretty tongue-in-cheek. That said, Brian did say, as he's said before, that he and Stapp didn't get along too well.

Q: Brian, Stapp told MTV that if you had continued in the band, he didn't know if you "would be here right now on this earth."

A: (Brian) Stapp and I clashed a lot. We never were friends. I was no angel out on the road, but he's definitely not the angel that he wants everybody to believe [he is].

Q: Did you two have fistfights?
A: (Brian) A few, yeah.

Q: Did you ever kick his ass?
A: (Brian) Yup.
(Mark): Don't say you kicked his ass. When they fought, there was a punch thrown by each one of them. Nobody kicked anyone's ass. They were always too drunk.

Mark is such a mother....i love him...always putting peace in war.....
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