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The Life I Live

[[The Life I Live]]

Crying out for a piece of sanity
To the edge I walk and brace for the fall
No sound, not a soul to be found
Wheres my concience now?

So much to be said
So much to be had
Never seeking guidance
Never hiding tears ive shed
So much to offer
So little to give
I can't erase the pain
This is the life I live

Falling faster
Jumping into such a beautiful disaster
Centuries collide
Dead out in the open, nothing left to hide
What more can I say
What more can I do
To make it worth the pain
To make my life pull through

Starving for so much more
Bullshit that life feeds me
How can I believe that anyone needs me

Craving so much more
Why do I live, what does life have in store
I'll never know, never care
Why can't I have one more
Moment of peace
A Moment, so rare
Why do I stay in my own world
Why do i Care?!
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