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...and i thought the ULU gig was amazing

...pah. Ok dudes this is my first post on an AB forum so be nice. So anyway this was my second time of seeing the lads, as youve probably gathered I last saw them at the ULU gig with switchfoot, which was pretty amazing and was the best concert I'd ever been to. WAS. This though was just something special.

I got to the venue at about 19:15 with my four companions and after giving a spare ticket away to a homeless dude (who probably flogged it for about 70 but hey) we made our way inside. I got myself my tour tshirt and key ring and we walked in just in time to see support act The Answer begin their short but pretty sweet set. They are kinda modern led zeppy, bit like a more serious version of the darkness. they undoubtedly are pretty talented guys but their music didn't really float my boat... sorry.

Thanks to the short set we were stading around waiting for what seemed like hours before Mr T himself walked on at about 21:00 and (as expected) opened with the ODR intro (gets me going every time ). I gradually forced my way further to the front and would have been sooooo close to em if it wasnt for a reeeeeeally annoying security barrier thing which meant i couldnt get on the receiving end of one of Myles hand waves. Ah well. I swear i got a look and a smile from Myles and Mark which made my evening that much more special.

As the gig went on it just seemed to get louder and louder (my ears are still ringing now!) and all of them were giving it 110% despite being the last date of the tour before Xmas. Towards the end Myles asked for requests for covers and someone from the back shouted 'SWEET CHILD OF MINE!!' which they played a few verses of lol. So cool. And then they launched into Rock 'n' Roll by Led Zep and Highway Star by Deep Purple. At some point (bit of a blur now lol) Myles and Mark had a lil guitar battle. Think Mark got a bit carried away tho lol. Encore was the usual acousitc ILM and then OYE to finish. The crowd were crazy all evening and were at some points drowning out the band. Basically the atmosphere was immense and I swear I saw Myles giving Mark a 'wow this is pretty special' sort of look. I just dread to think what they'll be like at the Astoria

Soz for dragging on. I'm becoming obsessed

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