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Two days i go.....

I arrived to the Mean Fiddler around 15:15 pm. Someone told me that the guys just arrived around 14:00 to the venue in a taxi and get inside for an interview. I tought i wasn't going to see them again. My friend Mila arrived 15:45 pm and i was a bit upset, so i told her we should be there earlier. Anyway she didn't take so bad and she went to buy something to eat in a small shop called "Benjys" next to the venue. After 5 minutes i saw my friend calling me and i runned and said to her "what happen???". And suddenly i saw Myles and Brian just outside Astoria's door. My friend just saw Myles when she left the shop and stopped him. What a casuality!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!!. We were talking to Myles for a couple of minutes and Brian was just so awesome....he remembered me from Manchester and grabbed my hand. We had a little present for Mark, so i said to Myles if he could call Mark for a sec. There they were...Tremonti's brothers. Mark was just so sweet. He told us they were going to play at the Astoria in March and about a few more things. Then Flip came out and we were joking with him....he is a sweetheart. After a couple of minutes Brian and Flip left for an interview smoking a cigarette. After 30 minutes they came back, they signed a couple of things and they told us they were going to call Michael for us. Michael came out and let us go into the soundcheck with a couple of guys from another AB forum. When we came in Brian and Flip said "hi" with their hands in the air. I don't know for how long we were into the soundcheck, but it's just felt so quick. We were talking to Michael about the video of "Broken Winds", his family, where we came from. The guys as usual great. Mark asked us if we knew a song called "London Bridge is falling down" and he started to play the guitar trying to figure out the song. They were working out in a new song Mark just was writing about. After all that, we left saying bye to the guys and they turned out and said buy to us.

We came back to the que..were there was a bit of confussion about who was first...but it was all for the security staff who was trying to organize the people to made the entrance to the venue. At 19:00 they opened the doors. we had a luxury place again, just in front of Mark, but this time there was a guard rail separating us from the stage. Around 19:45 the guest band played their songs and at 21:00......AB were there starting the show with ODR. Myles was SUPERB.....he was running around the stage and winning the love of all the audience.
At one point, Myles said something like : "All you came here tonight, and cos we just have one album and you spent your money we wanted to give something else". So he asked for a request and someone said "Kiss". Then Tremo started to play by himself followed by Flip. Myles said....:"no , i think this isn't going to work out". And they started to play Led Zeppelin.
I loved the concert from beguining to end...and just wishing they come back again. They guys gave more than 100% on stage, maybe because it was the last one. The security staff sucked balls beacuse for a couple of times the bouncer was exactly between me and Mark.

Just give the thanks to Michael Tremonti, who's an excellent person and made possible we could be there with the guys. Thank you for everything. And thanks as well to Brian, two are awesome, and Mark for being just so normal and sweet...and Myles you rock more every day.

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