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Quote: (Originally Posted by creedsister) Oh Homeboy des , aint cool, you knows i cans rymes better den you i knows i cans makes yo rymes for you do gets of my turfs whens you opens you mouth yous tripping You Gives Me Dat Angry Feeling And Dat Aint Cool Cuz i dont wants to be tripping whicha Word To Yo Mutha

Don't turn your back cos
I'm too apt on the attack,
watch your back,
watch my chat cos I'm never gonna crack,
take me one blow to knock down your whole team,
you keep on hollering about your homeboys being mean,
take one step back and watch me gleam,
another painted pussy motherfuckers trying to keep it clean,
if I bought your album I'd want a refund,
sit down, shut up, put your eyes to the front,
write a freestyle without regimentation,
well shit wiht you skill you need another occupation,
we won't get fucked form behind by the lyrically blind,
get away from your computer, get your ass outside,
you just gotta open up and let some life in,
smoke a j, drink a beer, fuck a couple of women,
this sort of shit is only meant to be amusing,
broadcast lyrical inhibition and there's talent that your losing,
you're just over reacting, can't do this thing,
that thing, get a better song to sing but slwoly your noticing,
your rap's grey yesterdays attempts are just more futile than todays and I'm fatigued,
got what you need,
you're just another book I can read,
not getting on my knees for the master d,
write myself a rap symphony and when I'm gone well you'll know you're never better than me.

If life gives you lemons,

Then shut the hell up and eat your damn lemons!


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