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Quote: (Originally Posted by Hellboy) I was pondering... What do you all think is the best modern rock song (probably 1990-present)? It's gotta be just fucking epic in its ability to rock and every component of the song has to be top-of-the-line.

Now this isn't necessarily your favorite song... Just what you think the "best" overall is. I don't mean "best" as in it means emotional attachment to you, just the best written and best performed modern rock song.

I have to cast my vote for Aenema by Tool. I don't love everything they've put out, but this song is FUCKING AMAZING!
Good God, this is incredibly hard to do! I will give you that Aenema is a great song, but one of the best ones I've heard by Tool is Eulogy. Stinkfist and Hooker With a Penis also rock my world. I love Tool... /fangirl

Others I can think of off the top of my head:

Immortality -- Pearl Jam
Love, Hate, Love, Down In a Hole -- Alice In Chains
Say Hello to Heaven -- Temple of the Dog
Birth Ritual, Seasons -- Soundgarden
Nirvana -- Something (in the way)
Minister/Medicine Woman -- Floater
Magdalena, Thinking of You, Pet -- A Perfect Circle
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