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Celebrities that live in/grew up in/lived in your area

Do any of you live near celebs where they grew up??

When I lived in Washington
-Kurt Cobain (Aberdeen/Montesano) - I never knew him, but know his family.
-Brian Danielson (Aberdeen; spent a short time with the WWE)
-Brian "Spanky" Kendrick (Olympia; former WWE Superstar, now with NWA-TNA)
-Sleater-Kinney (Olympia; chick rock band; named after one of the main streets in Olympia, and is also where the girls grew up)
-The Melvins (Aberdeen; rock band, helped Nirvana a lot in their early days)
Endless list of Seattle bands

Here in Idaho:
-Torrie Wilson (Boise; WWE Diva) - I've met her
-Orlando Jordan (WWE Superstar, attended Boise State University)
-Justin Smith (Parma; Singer; Jericho Road) - Met him, too.


Today I'm gonna try a little harder
Gonna make every minute last longer
Gonna learn to forgive and forget
'Cause we don't have long
Gonna make the most of it

Today I'm gonna love my enemies
Reach out to somebody who needs me
Make a change, make the world a better place
'Cause tomorrow could be one day too late

--lyrics from "One Day Too Late" by Skillet
from their new album "Awake"

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