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Quote: (Originally Posted by Higher_Desire) De Aowe Kino Top 100
Op zamstig 27 november is ut wer zoewiet: de Aowe Kino Top 100 in Café D'r Aowe Kino mit d'r DJ ScheissBube! Tja, en winse da al zoen sjun sajt has motse d'r och jit mit doe wa. Vandaar datse via oongesjtoand formuliertje dieng top 10 kens samesjtelle en opsjikke noa de organisatie. Alvas bedankt en bis d'r 27ste!

JA! Bedankt vuur ut i-vulle!

I put some choices in. This is what it told me:

What does that say?


PS - Welcome to the board!

The Aowe Kino Top 100
On Saturday 27 november it's that time again: The Aowe Kino Top 100 in café D'r Aowe Kino with DJ ScheissBube. And, yeah, when you have a nice site like ours, than you have to do something with that and therefore you can fill in your Top 10 with the formular below and send it in to the organisation. Thanx beforehand and see you on the 27th.

Yes, Thank you for voting.

On the other issue, you can vote for Creed, but Alter Bridge is at this time really not an option as the songs are less than a year old and therefore it is not allowed to put it in your top 10. Next year it will be able to vote for Alter Bridge. I received 1 top 10 with Alter Bridge, who fit all the other rules, I will count all the other songs, but not AB !!!
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