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There are 2 restrictions to enter a valid Top 10 list, the songs must be at least one year old (released before 2004) and every artist or band can only be mentioned once in your Top 10 .

Please vote again, bearing the above rules in mind, otherwise your vote will not be counted

Voting link: vote here

Aowe Kino punt NL wrote:

Ryan M
1. Alter Bridge, Open Your Eyes
2. Creed, Higher
3. Creed, With Arms Wide Open
4. Creed, My Own Prison

5. Mayfield Four, Eden
6. Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fortunate son
7. Crazy Town, Butterfly
8. Creed, Is This The End?
9. Creed, What's This Life For

10. Counting Crows, Mr. Jones
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