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Vote for (Creed in) the Aowe Kino All Time Hot 100

Vote for the Aowe Kino All Time Hot 100

The link above refers to a voting page at, where you can vote for a new version of the Aowe Kino All Time Hot 100.

On Saturday, November 27 2004 the total of votes will be presented at the bar D’r Aowe Kino and the Top 50 songs will be played, along with several songs between place 51 and 100. This is the internet link of the Aowe Kino, which literally means old movietheater.

The voters determine which songs will be in the All Time Hot 100. Enter your Top 10 of best songs ever made and determine which song will be number 1 on November 27!

There are 2 restrictions to enter a valid Top 10 list, the songs must be at least one year old (released before 2004) and every artist or band can only be mentioned once in your Top 10.

The Aowe Kino All Time Hot 100 was first held last year. You can find the endlist of 2003 including Creed right here: Aowe Kino Eternal 100 2003 .

If you decide to enter your Top 10 at the link at the top of this message to influence this years list (to maybe get Creed in there), go to the link Vote for the Aowe Kino Dutch All Time Hot 100
You have to fill in
Your name
Your e-mail address
Your Top 10

Thanks for the attention.

PS Translation for the non-Dutch readers

You can choose songs from the songlist with almost 1000 examples on the right of the voting page, click on ‘noa lies’ to add a song to your Top 10, or you can enter your own choice of song. With the + and – besides the entry-fields you can move the songs up or down.

The button ‘isjikke’ will forward your finished top 10, the button ‘op nuj’ means ‘start over’ and can be used if you want to correct the list, it will erase all songs in the top 10.

So go to to cast your vote and enter your Top 10.
And if you want my address, it's number 1 at the end of the bar

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