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R U Ready?
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Your Creed Greatest Hits CD

Well, it seems as if most of us are unhappy with the tracks on the upcoming CD, so let's list what our CD would look like. My list doesn't include B-sides b/c I haven't heard all of them although ITTE is a really good song and probably deserves a spot on the CD.

1. Are You Ready
2. Illusion
3. Torn
4. My Own Prison
5. What If
6. Faceless Man
7. Ode
8. Higher
9. With Arms Wide Open
10. Bullets
11. Who's Got My Back?
12. My Sacrifice
13. Stand Here With Me
14. One Last Breath
15. What's This Life For?
16. Hide
17. Don't Stop Dancing

When I added this up for the time, I got like 83min. so I'd probabaly take off WGMB? and put Say I on there, but either way I want the CD filled to maximum capacity!
"Looking back, I clearly see,
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