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Here's an update from P.O.D. e-news on Jason Truby's solo guitar record:

Warriors -

We're less than a week away from experiencing Jason Truby's “String Theory.”
The record will be launched exclusively through the P.O.D. on line store at midnight (12:00 Eastern) Tuesday, September 28th.

Truby played an amazing array of guitars including: McGill, Ryan, Charis, Breedlove, Lowden, Langejans, Pimentel, Godin reso, and Sitar and used an incredible recording process to capture them. You'll hear the true personality of each instrument as if it were alive through gorgeous, dark melodies, and Jason's skilled guitar playing.

This is something you won't want to miss.

It will be awesome to have 2 great albums released next Tues.!!! (Submersed - "In Due Time" & Jason Truby - "String Theory")

- Ben
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