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Floater, the band!!

Ok, I'm gonna spam a bit. These guys are really talented and have a very cool vibe. They are from Washington state or Oregon (I have to do more research, LOL), and they've been around a while, but I just found out about them from a friend on the Jerry Cantrell board.
I haven't had a band hit me like this in a while. I ordered two CDs on the recommendation of a friend from another message board, and now I want the rest of them! I believe there are 8 studio releases, including two live discs. They have kind of a different sound that's hard to pigeonhole, but on the first few listens, I hear Floyd, Tool, the Doors, Hendrix. The bass is very prominent in their stuff as well, which is wicked cool. If you're interested, check out their web site:

I haven't heard the rest of the CDs yet, but I have Burning Sosobra and Angels in the Flesh and Devils in the Bone. I highly recommend both! I can't stop listening to them .
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