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All of you guys have a point...I was listening to the radio when OYE came on for the first time...the DJ then commenced to bashing Stappy just because he wasn't in AB and because he felt that the dude was an egomaniac, yadda yadda yadda. All that bull all over again.
I like AB too, and OYE really reminds me of Creed (I guess it's the fact that there are THREE MEMBERS OF CREED in the band...that should have something to do with it, right? ), makes me kind of nostalgic to hear it because I'll never hear anything new from Creed, I'll never jump up and down when the DJ announces a new single...ah, whatever.
I don't even know what to put here anymore.
Let's just say it's been a while. It's always been a while. But I'm glad to have known y'all.
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