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Quote: (Originally Posted by kariyanine) you got to get it on a better server than AOL, it kills the feel of your site with the AOL Hometown bar at the top. Your menu bar is cool but I'm not a big fan of the repeating background image, it seems to break your site apart.

There is really no content so it is hard to comment on the site as it is really just an empty shell right now. It would be cool once you get it up and running to have some song samples though.
Thank you!... see this helps me... i realize the site is pretty incomplete right now... so this is the time for me to make changes you know?... as far as getting a New Server... um... doubtful.... i realize the banner at the top is gay... but it's free and it's easy to manage... and i can manage it Myself... which is KEY... at this time, i can't really put up a whole lot of pics... because we don't have a full line up... once we do... i'll have pics of everyone LEFT and RIGHT... and hopefully we can make some demos and get them hosted... PEACE OUT
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