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BENDAS (my Band)

Alright... for you CreedFeeders that Didn't know... over the past summer... i've been through hell and back w/ my Old Band Disheveled... Basically, The Kicked My out because of Jealousy and Greed. My Singer(who wrote all of songs and Guitar parts except for one song...) didn't like me trying to accually write songs/guitar parts... i wanted to do the Tremonti/Stapp thing... he wanted to be a Solo artist w/ a Backup band... in the form of a regular band...
He and the other Guitarist Didn't like my style of playing (lead work) because they couldn't do it themselves.... so they kicked my ass out...

WELL.... My old Drummer in that band, who is also my best friend, Quit that band And we've Formed a new Band...Tho our lineup is still Fractured...

We're Called BENDAS...
Bendas is a Chamorro word for "blindfold"
(the Chamorans are the natives of guam...which my Drummer is...)
We're still looking for a Bassist and Lead Singer...
our Website is BENDASmusic
The site is not yet complete (because our lineup is not yet complete)
More will be added as as possible!!!
W-T (matt)
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