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Quote: (Originally Posted by musiclover291) I thought Mark original side project was going to be a solo project and then it developed into a band with a heavier sound.

He had a metal project to be named Downshifter that never got off the ground since Human Clay. It was supposed to feature the guys from Sevendust. That was one project. AB was/is another "project".

It kinda went like this:

Soon after the weathered tour ended, he was itchy to be playing and started writing. Then they had the Creed jam sessions that went wrong.

Then the extended break talk started. The solo projects were announced, but everybody knew Flip was to work with Mark. Soon after, we learned that this project wasn't the Downshifter one. A couple weeks later, Brian was in.

Then it took longer to find a singer... and voila, Alter Bridge was officially born. But way before Mark stated that despite he took singing lessons, he wouldn't be singing on this project because he doesn't like the attention.

That's why I rolled my eyes. Kinda contradicts to what Stapp said, doesn't it?

Well, I'm just summing things up... If I got the order of the facts wrong, please fell free to correct me.
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