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Quote: (Originally Posted by crest tattoo) Figured I better get my hinny on here somewhere so I'm not deleted from the boards.
I am shocked at how Scott seems to be so open to having the band regroup...Is it me or is he being naive? At this point, I don't see them (with a top 10 hit already) saying, "Sorry Myles..." I know it happens though, but I don't see it at this point.
Joy, we'd never let you go, babe!! And I'm not sure if Scott is being naive or just not accepting the reality of the fact that Mark and co. are done with Creed. Mark has said in many different interviews that Alter Bridge is the band they plan to retire with.

Guitar One mag has the following quote from Mark:
"The last thing we wanted to do was replace Scott {Stapp} and play cover Creed songs." says Tremnti of the group he hopes to ride into the sunset of his career. "We'll never play a Creed song as long as we live........"

I am a fan of both Mark and Scott and I am not taking anyones' side in any of this. But I do think Stapp needs to accept that the door to Creed has been closed for good.
MK: We're never gonna have the Super Bowl of Scott Stapp vs. Myles Kennedy in a sing-off - it's ridiculous.

SP: Actually, we are setting that up.

MT: It was in your contract when you signed up with us.

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