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Quote: (Originally Posted by WeatheredWoman) Heyyyyy Bear ... good to see you again!! Long time no see!!!

Oh man... I'm totally in love with SILVERTIDE. I did made a thread about them, about 5 months ago:

I've learned about them through the Shinedown-board 'cause they've opened for Shinedown and also for Van Halen. They really got that 70's rock thing going on!!
nice to see you too, WW!
yeah, i was on my way to work a few days back, listening to the classic rock station in st louis ('70s-'00s, though mostly '70s). and they played a song, and it kicked ass! is this cd their first, or what? i'd never heard of them before and was simply amazed. i love '70s and '80s classic rock! any other similar bands you might know of, lemme know!

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