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Quote: (Originally Posted by musiclover291) Again this is not a he said/she said please listen to the interview again. Because this will start another nasty rumor. Stapp never says when he spoke to AB last he the interviewer simply asked if he had spoke to AB since the break and Stapp states yes and then the part about Mark that's it. Nothing further. When I heard the interview I simply took at it that he spoke to AB and probably the last time was in February give the guy a break!!!!

Anyhow in one of AB interview I may be mistaken but they said the last time they spoken to Stapp was January. Know Michael is saying February so for all we know it could be yesterday.

Sheesh, lighten the hell up, already! I wasn't trying to start anything or point fingers. I was simply adding to the information from what Michael said. All he said was the last time they spoke by phone!
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