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Blood Shot Eyes 2004

Blood Shot Eyes 2004

Look into his eyes, his blood shot eyes
Look into his life and see all his lies
Hide behind the shame, buried beneath the pain
Try to fight for something real, still no life will remain

Look into my eyes, my blood shot eyes
Try to steal the pain, nothing will remain
Leaving it all behind, walking with the blind
Go to reach for something real, but I quickly shut the door
Holding tight to nothing real, but wanting something more
I hear your whispers in the night telling me to walk away
But I will not listen to one single word you say
I had a taste of something pure and something sweet
Turned my back to everything and cried in my defeat

Look into her eyes, her blood shot eyes
Listen to her cries, her deafening cries
Behind the shadow is the Light within
Telling her to fight and never ever give in
The hope of a new day sings to her at night
Tells her to awaken separating darkness from light
It comforts her as she cries herself to sleep
Takes her by the hand as her and Jesus weep
He sings to her a new song, a new song He sings
She smiles and dances for this is what Jesus Christ's Light inside us brings
It reminds us that though we feel alone
That we have Jesus waiting for us to come Home
I tell you this for when you feel weak and not strong
When you feel you have no hope left and nothing to carry you on
That though there are times of darkness and doubt
The Light will transform everything and wipe the darkness out.
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Voices are hidden
Giving shame to my name
Am I no better forgiven
If I leave this world the same.
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