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Quote: (Originally Posted by Evil_wizzzard) i'm just wondering does alter bridge also (like Creed) have some "special" message from their music and lyrics? Personally I don't see (hear) the MESSAGE, thats why I think that this AB project is all about making money...
What the FUCK???? You are freaking blind man!! Or you don't want to see the message, there's a message in every song!!

Quote: (Originally Posted by Evil_wizzzard) To me it seems like they are just trying (!!!) to "rock" without any filosophical or some kind of psicho-emotional background. They are just bunch of guys, who play this "copy and paste" rock music. Creed was original, alter bridge is a bad copy of creed.
And how can we say that AB is entirely different band from creed, if the 75% procent band members are ex-creed???
You know what your problem is? You just haven't got over the fact that Alter Bridge is another band then Creed, and that they write different musics and lyrics, with another vocalist, who happens to rock by the way.
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