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I wonder if One Day Remains was released as a Creed album with Scott Stapp doing the vocals if we would even be having this discussion. I thik that if you truly enjoy the music you will find meaning in it. Do you mean the psuedo-Christian imagery that is apparent throughout Creed's lyrics? If so I think it is still there in Alter Bridge read over the lyrics a couple times you'll see it.

As for the Alter Bridge sounds like Creed with a different singer argument; I think it is pretty much right on. As much as people keep going Alter bridge is a different band it isn't. The guys whom make up the instrumental sound of Creed and Alter Bridge are the same. Yes overall it is a harder album but don't you think eventually Creed would have evolved eventually to something that sounded like this. I do and maybe that is why I see the similarity more. The guitar work is Mark, the drums are Scott and the bass is Brian. And as much as people want to say that they sound different you can't deny the signatures.

Give the album a couple more listens, turn up the volume and I think you will get used to it more and enjoy it. It took me a little bit (about 4 or 5 listens off before it came out in stores) to get used to Myles voice but now I think it is my favorite album of the year.
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