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Quote: (Originally Posted by Evil_wizzzard) I'm to very disappointed in the Alter Bridge cd. Comparing to creed, alter bridge is bullshit... It seems to me, that the guys from alter bridge are doing just everything to make more and more money... this whole alter bridge project is so comercial as hell... The soul of the music and spirit of the words are gone in alter bridge...
Yesterday I saw the OYE video and for me it was a parody of rock music, in fact the whole alter bridge cd, except few songs, is a parody of rock music... Although Tremmonti guitars still rock, but when Myles starts to sing, I'll better shut my ears... Myles as vocalist is just normal, he isn't extraordinary as Stapp and he never will be... thats the sadest thing of all...

P.S My apologies to them, who think different...
Everyone is entitled to their own opinnion, I'm one of Stapp's biggest fans, but for you to say that Myles is just a normal vocalist, makes me wonder if you are listening to the same guy I am. Their is nothing normal about his singing, he is awesome. I love his range and the way he can sound like so many singers just blows me away. As for the cd, I miss Creed too, but this cd ROCKS.
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