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Quote: (Originally Posted by Shadow) I agree with you Kim. I had always been a big Journey fan, especially back "in their day". I don't see any likeness between Steve and Myles.

A friend of mine compared Myles to Geoff Tate. I don't know. I really, really like Geoff Tate. But, Myles just hasn't clicked with me yet. I just don't care for his voice and it has nothing to do with being a Creed fan.

yeah he can hit the highs like tate (perhaps not as high as tate though). he has a r and b vocal styling in places and also sounds like cornell and jeff buckley (who shared that trait) and that is very good company. there would be two songs that i would buy/download to show what myles can do. they would be "summergirl" from "second skin" where he is amazing near the end and a marvin gaye cover "inner city blues" off "fallout" where he is hitting some highs way too easily near the beginning and some cool guitar work as well. in most bands he would be the lead guitarist........
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