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I think people who hated Creed did so b/c they viewed Stappo as a sort of egomaniac, and to be quite honest, I can see how they got that impression. One specific thing about concerts I've heard people didn't like were his Messianic, Christ-like poses.
But but to OYE... I can't get enough of that song! When it was first released for streaming online, it wouldn't work for me uninterrupted, so that sucked balls. But now, after having bought the album Tues. morning, WOW!!! Sure it's different. But Tremo's shred in the song is off the heezy! Sure, it's not Eddie Van Halen or anything, but who is? I love the song, simple as that. I also like Burn It Down, Broken Wings, and In Loving Memory. All in all, a solid album.

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