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good morning shadow and everyone
im very proud of scott for having waited for the right time to speak his peace about what happened.
I new he had problems with his voice but not the other health problems too.
im so glad that he is feeling much better with his health and within his heart.
scott is a fabulous father and im glad he is there for his son and with this time he get's to spend even more time with his son Jagger.
i think it's great he has a terrific sense of humor and maybe that's what the whole world needs a sense of humor at least the people who don't have one maybe it would make people more happier if they had a sense of humor.
im proud of you scott
everyone have a terrific thursday everyone im out the door shortley just to make sure all is picked up in the yard and make sure rocky's cage is secured
cause hurricane charley is headed in my direction.
to everyone hope charley changes course.
"the secret to God is inner peace, to achieve this one must become the mirror, you"
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