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I agree with you that Scott had amazing stage presence and as much as I love Mark's guitar work he just seemed to stand up on stage. He certainly didn't put on a "show". After watching the OYEs video I don't think Myles has the same, whatr would the word be....., maybe magnetism that Scott has. Scott seemed to draw you in and feel the emotion of the songs. I didn't get that vibe from the OYEs video but then again it is only a video. I plan on seeing them here in Philly on the 9th of October so I will have a better view then.

As for DJs and others mentioning Creed when they talk about Alter Bridge is going to happen for a long time. Look at Velvet Revolver, the members of that band come from two of the biggest bands around. I only see the Creed name dropping as helping them. It gets the word out there to others that, "Hey these guys used to be in Creed, check out this new kick ass song they did." I only see that as something good, there is no such thing as bad publicity.
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