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Quote: (Originally Posted by THE LITHIUM) Who knows, if they would've cut the tour off maybe the guys would still be together?
They should have at least taken an adequate amount of time off for his throat to heal the right way.

Quote: (Originally Posted by Higher Desire) And that little thing about the medication answers that question of why he was looking a bit pudgy for a while.
It was never a secret that he was on medication. Especially after the car accident. It's just that many wanted to believe something different.

Quote: (Originally Posted by Higher Desire) The way I'm interpreting this from Scott (though this is only my opinion and I may be wrong), Flip and Tru maybe aren't doing the AB thing for the love of music and fans, but love of the fans' money. I don't mean to say that they're doing it for greed, don't get me wrong, but perhaps a lot of Stapp's problems with his voice was part of "what wasn't working out" during the process of getting ready for the 4th Creed album. We know now why Scott wanted to take things slower and tour a bit less. Just my

Wow. I never thought of it that way. Mark always says he wants to tour and tour. Touring is the money maker when you're in a band.
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