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Quote: (Originally Posted by WhatsUrCreed) I dunno....personally I am thinking somethings really fishy around here....How come Mark hadnt mentioned all of this stuff about Scott's health and how come this information hadn't really been brought out into mainstream...All you hear is that the friendship soured and they both musically went different directions...if Stapp really had these conditions...the band members should have stuck by his side...somethin isnt right...

B/c the media didn't want us to know. They want the money. And I think the band wanted the money too. The way to get money is to keep mouths slammed shut and pocket books open. The members didn't stick by his side b/c they didn't totally understand what Stapp was going through and were probly impatient to want to get to where they wanted in life. Confusing anymore? Grasp how cold life can be?
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