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Here's the second article


New Rock News provided by LaunchDaily

Former Creed vocalist Scott Stapp returns to the music scene with "Relearn Love," the first single from a new collection of music titled The Passion Of The Christ: Songs. The album compiles tracks inspired by the controversial film, The Passion Of The Christ. Although Stapp had written his tune before seeing the movie, he told us that the film helped him complete the song. "It kind of gave me some direction about, you know, what I wanted to say and why I wanted to say it, for me. You know, I wrote the song based on my feelings and what I was going through, and so, yes, it started before and then it's just a complete coincidence that The Passion Of The Christ came along and was there for final inspiration."

Stapp says that the Mel Gibson-directed movie also aided him on a personal and spiritual level. "I had already begun a process of kind of reconnecting with my faith prior to seeing that, and so it was ironic that the film kind of dropped in and gave me a little voice from heaven, so to speak, you know, kind of like, 'Hey, you're moving in the right direction,' kind of thing, because it coincided with my private life and what I was dealing with."

A video for "Relearn Love," which is Stapp's first solo offering since Creed officially disbanded in June, is being shot tomorrow (Tuesday, August 10th).

The album is due out on August 31st, the same day that The Passion Of The Christ arrives on DVD. Other rock artists appearing on the record include P.O.D. and Christian punk band MxPx, whose track includes a guest appearance from Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus.

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