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Alter Bridge...Oh sweet Alter Bridge

I woke up this morning at ten o clock only to see that it was the tenth of august. I live in a very small town with no influence of rock music to be found anywhere but in my room. Calling everywhere to see if ANY of the good ONE cd store (not including my walmart here) if alter bridge was in yet. With some ass saying NO i was very sadened. When I went in my red 1991 volvo to go find the masterpiece CD I found it sitting in my drivers seat. With a note from my beloved girlfriend (Who is not crazy about anything but DAve mathews band ) that read:

"Since I cant buy you another creed cd ever again I thought I would get this CD for you sweetie" Much love

I could have pissed my pants! The one CD album cover that has been my background for windows since the cover was released is now sitting in my SEAT!!! As I spent the next hour and a half listening to it. It seemed as if I had been opened to another revolution of music. Which exactly what alter bridge is....A revlution....I have never heard the greatest guitar riffs and drum fill ins EVER..not to mention the great Myles Kennedy voice! This thread is an ode to the alter bridge "One day Remains" CD. Rock music needed a change...Alter Bridge has came through! Amen to those who thnks THIS IS THE MOST KICK ASS ALBUM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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