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I wish i was first But anyways i will start with just a few of my opions I dont have all night, first of all i dont think a church doors should be closed at anytime and like you stated before someone should always be on call day or night and in most churches u have alter call and most the time when people recieve a blessing from going to the alter people is always there which is fine but i think when people recieve a blessing there should be a room to go to for clarity after the lord has spoken to whatever person and i really think coming to church with a whatch on shouldnt be and i think people should feel at ease when coming in the house of the lord such has dress codes come as you are the lord will clean you up i think thats a good reason right there which keeps people out of church is all the rules and activteys such as plays and other stuff should take place somwere else outside the church for his house should be called the house of prayer and i dont think you should buy or sell in a church for any reason these things should also take place outside the church and the louder we can keep the praise pump up the amps the lord loves the praise of his people and i think everybody that is gifted to sing or play their own style shoud have a shot of praise and worship the way they like so nobody feels left out i find it a drag in church hearing the same stuff over and over again and most of all JESUS Should Be The Head At All Times And i think everybody should feel like they have a speciale place in the church whatever it may be and if there is nothing for theme todo there should be given something for everybody todo everybodys got a hidden talent for whatever i think that should have a place in the house of God and i dont think nobody should be forced in to be saved that sometimes happens a lot i would open the doors and let jesus have his way i think everybody should be welcome in a church Regardless Of Their Religion well those are just a few
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